Business Savy With Your Heart.

In today’s world love is something you get on the fly, like a burger through a drive through or overnight shopping on Amazon. We feel like we need it right here right now.

We’re so willing to give our hearts away we’re not focusing on what we’re getting in return, a.k.a a bad deal. We should be careful what we give away and especially who we’re giving it to.

We are worth a lot, you have a lot to offer, don’t be so quick to just give that away to someone who could care less or will abuse it. Understand your worth, understand your value.

Cultivate relationships, sow into, take time to make sure that the deal your getting is a good one because you have a to give.


Lifetime Supply of Masks.

From the moment my childhood ended it has always felt like I’ve had a mask on and in my experience with people I’m definitely not alone in this.

I heard once that theres a chinese proverb that says that everyone has three masks the one they let everyone see, the one that they let the ones close to them see and then the one that no one sees, even themselves sometimes.

And a lot of us could probably agree with that, even if it’s not exactly three masks we all have a face that either, select people see or no one sees. As humans we naturally want to hide and are scared to be vulnerable.

My mask was almost always one of a smile. I always tried to cover the hurt I experienced with a laugh, to make it seem like it didn’t hurt as much as it did. I remember as a kid hating myself when I cried feeling like I wasn’t a “man” for it, so for most of my life I checked my emotions at the door and never confronted them.

Now in recent years moving into adulthood I’ve had no choice but to confront those emotions and of course it has been to my benefit, I still have my masks I run to but it’s no where near as bad as it was.

After taking these masks off, it’s been an incredible feeling actually getting to know…me. I see who I am now, I know my goals, my feelings, I understand myself more, instead of the person I was trying to be.

So to get to the point, take your masks off, stop trying to be the person you think you should be, the person others say you should be, be you, you are beautifully and wonderfully made, live in that, rest in that and be you.

Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you later.

Where Is The Compassion?

Believer, where is your compassion?

Poor, broken, helpless, all tossed to the side?

You want fame?

You want glory?

You want attention?

All worthless

Believer, where is your compassion?

People, used as stepping stones?

You want opportunity?

You want progress?

You want pleasure?

Believer, where is your compassion?

Broken individuals, seeking the same as you, but turned down, by you?

You want forgiveness?

You want mercy?

You want love?

Believer, where is your compassion?

Seek ye first the kingdom, but seek ye first thyself?

You want respect?

You want followers?

You want…

You want…

Believer, you need compassion!

“As you wish others to do, do unto them”

They need mercy

They need opportunity

They need love

Believer, you need humility

“I am the way the Truth and the Life”

They need Him

They need His love

They need His mercy

Believer, you need Him

He wants to love

He wants to forgive

He wants them

Believer, He wants you.

From Callous To Cared For

For my first post I wanted to keep it simple. I wanted to share my story, in summary.

I’m currently 20 years old. I haven’t had the worst life you know, I grew up with a caring, loving, mom who had my best intentions in mind. My dad was never really around, so my mom picked up the slack.

I grew up pretty happy, even with the little we had, mom and grandparents made life great. I was a pretty excited, happy, energetic boy. Life and negativity just never hit me as a kid, those are times that I look back on and am almost jealous of myself.

But of course as I grew older, bitter life turned me bitter, and grew colder, distant, quiet, and shut out. On the outside I wore a mask with a smile, always joking, trying to be funny, giving the illusion of happiness, but I didn’t really feel much, I was callous and closed.

However in highschool I had an encounter brought on by the man I would now call my Pastor and spiritual father. He introduced me to the man of Jesus, and my journey began.

I’ve been saved for about 4 years now and I am not that cold, callous guy anymore, Jesus has opened my heart, He has truly changed me and become the Father I never had. Life now is still scary, of course, I worry, and have fears, but I don’t let them defeat me because my God is bigger than my fears.

Thank you guys so much for reading, for allowing me to share, I hope you enjoy. Have a blessed day and i will talk to you soon.

An Introduction To Me.

Hey guys, thanks for clicking. I just wanted to introduce myself. First off my name is Timothy, but most people refer to me as Tim, which is fine. I am first and foremost a Christian and you will see that reflected a lot in my posts. This page is going to just be a place for me to share. That may be a story, an idea, a message, anything. This is just me, who I am, and I look forward to this journey I’m about to engage in. Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!